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Kent County CouncilSent on behalf of Andrew Ireland, Corporate Director –
Families and Social Care

KCC is pleased to announce a Clinical Design Service that will facilitate clinical discussions with its partner organisations.

This will be achieved by working with
Dr Robert Stewart (Clinical Design Director) to bring new clinical leadership:

  1. internally to our commissioning and strategy teams
  2. to work with the Kent Health and Well Being Board
  3. to enhance dialogue and co-design new services with our 7 CCGS (Clinical Commissioning Groups) and drive forward to planning projects that deliver integrated 24/7 community health services to residents in line with KCC's discussion document, 'Delivering Better Healthcare for Kent'
  4. to put KCC at the forefront of the new structures of the NHS, including NHS England and the Academic Health Science Network to promote innovation locally

Dr Stewart is a practising GP and the previous Medical Director for Clinical Commissioning and Strategic Change for NHS Kent and Medway and as such is well placed to understand the whole system challenges, structures and leaders both clinical and managerial.

Initially this work is being based around a diagnostic phase to understand how this clinical design service will work most effectively both internally and externally to help ensure that we have a sustainable NHS and Social Care.

This clinical focus is crucial to ensure that KCC and its commissioning colleagues in CCGs develop a shared understanding of the challenges facing the NHS and Social Care and a shared vision of how to meet them. This will allow us to co-produce new ways of working to meet the needs of the Kent population within the constraints of the budgets available.